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Classes held together with Ursula Taylor (ceo,

What is this class about?
General information about the German speaking opera business, how to approach it, continental agents’ and Opera houses tastes, their preferences in terms of voice types, stage types, their preferred operas and the roles they prefer to hear in auditions, the dress code in auditions etc .Clarify your voice category (Fach) for the continental market, for Britain and America Information as to which is my best first aria for an audition and why? Which are my 3 best arias for an audition? Why is the first aria so important? The names of some continental Agents’, who do hold regular auditions, and how to approach them. How much you can earn in German speaking houses and details about the typical contract structures (fest and Guest contracts etc.) a chance to try out new rep and get constructive comments on your looks, dress, stage presence, voice practise your audition routine and get a detailed and profound feedback learn how to improve the outcome in an audition there will be time for your questions