To Neil for challenging us - To Roberta for picking up the pieces

Imagine - no stop! Can really imagine it? Can you imagine what it's going to sound like'!
Can you imagine what it's going to feel like? .....
(everybody looks down and pretends to imagine...
then look up "ready"

Imagine - perfect posture,
Then feel the earth below,
Now find your heart and spirit
You should be ready to go!
Imagine - all the people - standing so erect (whistling)

Imagine there's no tension,
It's easy, just breathe low.
Now raise your cheeks and pucker, Then open-drop-lean-and-flow!
Imagine all the people - breathing way down low - 00000 (porn-sound!)

We may look like perverts,
As we drop our pelvic floor,
But one day you too will feel it,
And you' ll need - to drop some more!

Imagine there's no problem,
It's easy, just don't TRY!
Just feel your fear and fury,
And that it's ok to die (alone)

Imagine all the people - living in today
(alexey: because there is no future!)
- Come on Hypo adductors) aaa

You may not know you're a screamer,
On your way to singer's hell!
Put your trust in Semer,
And your chords will live to tell!
(now speak clearly!!!)

Imagine Aub without us,
We know it's hard. to bear,
Sometimes we may have freakouts,
But hey, there's psych wards everywhere! Like in Munster!)

Imagine all the people - Joining SSA (Semer Students Anonymous) rererere (help!!!)

We may think - we are normal
Well, at least when we are here!
And someday you will see us,
Out on stages everywhere!